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TRIANA Architectural Restoration, LLC as its names states it, is led by a team of restoration professionals with over 30 years in the industry.  We love to restore. We love what we do and see every piece of wood, metal, stone as a unique work of architectural art that needs to be taken care of by the most highly skilled restoration professionals.

Our company is founded on the principles of excellence and professional, and unwavering commitment to detail and high quality.




TRIANA Architectural Restoration, LLC is licensed and insured. We carry General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage. We are happy to provide our clients a copy of our COI upon request. Our staff had undergone top industry training and attending industry meetings to stay ahead of the latest restoration and cleaning techniques and products to ensure we are always providing our customers sound advise and stellar service.



At TRIANA Architectural Restoration, LLC we treat each customer with a personalized approach. There is no other way. We will schedule an initial consultation to learn more about your project and work in tandem with you for the best solution.

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